BGM TV Breaking Video News – 25.09.2016

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BGM TV  Breaking Video News – 25.09.2016

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Obama opens US black history museum

President Obama has formally opened the US National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington – nearly 100 years after it was first proposed by black civil war veterans.

Republika Srpska: a vote about more than maintaining a national day?

Bosnian Serbs are voting today (September 25) in a referendum on a disputed national holiday in their autonomous region. But many consider the ballot a proxy political battle, which could set the stage for secession.

Balkan route nations ‘to push for faster action’ to resolve migration crisis

European leaders from countries along the Balkan migrant route have gathered in Vienna with the aim of pushing other EU member states to take faster action over the migration crisis.

Suspect held over deadly US shopping mall shooting

A 20-year-old immigrant from Turkey has been detained over a gun attack at a US shopping mall that left five people dead. Arcan Cetin was arrested on Saturday, the day after the fatal shooting in the town of Burlington,
Washington State, sparked a major manhunt.

Burlington shopping mall suspect arrested and in custody

A suspect has been apprehended and taken into custody following the fatal shooting of five people at a shopping mall in Burlington, Washington state, on Friday evening (September 23).

Spain: Could regional polls break national political deadlock?

As Spain tries to avoid a possible third general election in a year, all eyes are on two regional ballots on Sunday. The people of the Basque Country and Galicia are voting to renew their parliaments.

China begins operating giant telescope to explore deep space

China has taken a big step forward in space exploration: a huge radio telescope – the largest in the world – has begun operating from its base in the southwest of the country.

Jordan: Gunman shoots dead Christian writer ahead of trial over caricature

A gunman shot dead Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar on Sunday outside the court where he was to stand trial on charges of contempt of religion after sharing on social media a caricature seen as insulting Islam, state news agency Petra said.

Hungary investigates Budapest explosion which injured police

Hungarian authorities are investigating a mysterious explosion in central Budapest on Saturday night amid speculation it may have been a deliberate attack on police.

Paris holds second ‘car-free day’ against pollution

Paris has held its second “‘car-free day'”, extending the area closed off to vehicles as the French capital takes a stand against pollution, noise and traffic jams.

‘Hands off our shorts’: Women protest in Turkey after brutal assault

Donning shorts and defending their right to dress as they please. Women’s rights advocates in Turkey have rallied in defence of a nurse, attacked on a bus in Istanbul this month by a man who reportedly said

Syrian government planes bombard Aleppo as diplomacy degenerates

Sunday in Aleppo has seen fierce battles between the Syrian army and rebels for a strategic refugee camp. The rebels are said to have retaken the Handarat camp to the north of the city, despite bombing from government forces which had seized ground earlier. Video uploaded to social media purported to show rebels launching a counter-attack on the Palestinian camp.

Source: euronews

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